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NYU Medical Center
American College of Cardiology
American Heart Association
National Heart Lung and Blood Institute

For Patients
Appointment Times:
Our first physician appointment of the day is at 8:45 AM and the last is at 4:15 PM, weekdays. The schedule varies somewhat according to teaching commitments and hospital rounds. Callers with urgent medical problems may be seen the same day after speaking with one of our physicians. We observe legal and some religious holidays.

Waiting Times:
Non-Invasive testing is a large part of our daily practice and we try to run on schedule. If you are late for your appointment, please call to tell us you will be late or to reschedule your appointment. If a patient with a later appointment arrives at the office before you do, we will see that patient next in order to preserve time for your visit when you arrive. On days complicated by urgent visits or multiple emergency calls, your appointment may be delayed for up to 30 minutes. We do apologize for this inconvenience. If you have specific time constraints because of another appointment or scheduled pickups by AccessARide, etc., please let the receptionist know when you arrive so we can work harder at completing your appointment on time.

If you are new to our practice, you can expedite your visit by filling out the forms provided on this web site. If appropriate, bring copies of recent medical records, CD's of recent procedures and a list of medications by name, dose and frequency. If you are not sure about your current medication list, bring all the bottles of recently prescribed medication, full or empty. Providing these items in advance will help to increase the time available to discuss your condition with our doctors.

Current insurance cards and referral forms will be required at sign in. You will be asked to pay your co-pay, if any, when you arrive in order to lessen your waiting time and to expedite your departure since blood drawing and scheduling of procedures takes place when you finish your visit.

Should I eat before my visit?

Should I take my pills before my visit?

A frequently asked question is whether or not to take food or medication before your visit. For stress testing procedures, see the guidelines on this website under Test Preparation . For consultations or regular office visits, here are some suggestions:

1. In most situations, we want you to take your medications as usual before your visit. You can take your medication with sips of water rather than with food if you plan to have blood testing done.
Cardiologists often need to change medications or dosages. If you come in without taking your pills, there is more guesswork involved in coming up with a new medication program.

2. Obtaining accurate blood sugar and cholesterol levels requires that you fast for 12 hours. Black coffee is ok but fruit juice may elevate the blood sugar. If you have an afternoon appointment it may be more practical to have your blood drawn in the early morning at a neighborhood lab several days before or after your visit. We recommend Quest Laboratory if your insurance company covers Quest. If you want us to review your lab data from another MD visit, please bring a copy with you. There is often a delay of a week or more if you ask your MD to send us your lab work and "same day" faxes of lab work often arrive too late to be used at the moment you are seeing the doctor.

Insurance Issues:
We participate in the insurance plans listed below. Please bring your insurance card so we can enter your data into our billing system. Plan to obtain referrals, if needed, before your visit. We cannot render services without the necessary referrals so don't leave home without them.

Empire Plan
Oxford (not w/Liberty product)
United HealthCare
One Health

Useful Links:
Here are some web sites that provide additional information for cardiac patients and their families:

www.cardiosource.com - The official site of the American College of Cardiology

www.americanheart.org - The official site of the American Heart Association

www.nhlbi.nih.gov - National Heart and Lung Institute

www.med.nyu.edu - New York University Medical Center

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